phpCart Demo Page

This page is intended as a demo of how your web site could look using phpCart Add to Cart buttons
(before you add your product photos).

To add products to your web site, you simply create unique Add to Cart buttons by adding hyperlinks buttons or html form buttons to your current web site pages. When customers press the Add to Cart buttons, their shopping cart is automatically populated.

Note: The phpCart software does not create your store web site pages, your web site content or any product information in any way. phpCart is just the easist shopping cart back end to add to your existing or new web site.

phpCart is a completely template-driven shopping cart script which means your shopping cart can look exactly like the rest of your website. PHPCart is not a shopping cart that takes over your website.

phpCart can also work with multiple currencies and the new Canadian Taxes (PST/GST/HST).
Click here to see a demo page for multiple currencies.


ID Description Price Options Action
Create Simple "Add To Cart" Buttons using html link code
cart-sbu PHPCart Single To Small-Business Upgrade $24.99
BEAT-01 Music CD/Beatles $14.99
HOWTO Book - How To Program in PHP $18.89
Create "Add To Cart" Buttons using html form code
MTCOTTON Men's Cotton T-Shirt $8.59


WCARDIGAN Women's Cardigan $38.95


Size: (mandatory)
Small Medium Large

GB1000 Golf Balls - Long Distance $24.95
CY25 Pens - Ball Point $2.95 (1-5)
$2.45 (5+)
XYZ 8" Flower Pot
(minimum quantity = 2)
$1.29 (2-5)
$ .99 (5+)
CLK-3 Wall Clock $199.99
Add Engraving
Add Multiple Items To The Cart Simultaneously (with or without quantity field, unlimited options per each item)
TKT Tickets $12.95
Adult $99.95
Kids $12.95
Senior $49.95
Create Complex "Add To Cart" Buttons (unlimited options, multiple option types)
HAM Ham Sandwich $4.95 Bread
Sandwich Only
Combo Meal $1.95

Avocado $1.00